Enrichment Programs

We Imagine So They Can Imagine

World Cup Nursery School and Kindergarten's (WCNS&K) Before and After School Enrichment Programs offer children ages 3 to 4+ years opportunities to explore, create, imagine and have fun along the way!  Just as we encourage children to use their imaginations, we too use our imagination by developing programs targeted for any interest children may have -- science, art, sports, cooking and more.  And, while each child's interests vary, they can hone those interests in a group setting where they learn to socialize and work as a team.  Programs are offered at various times to accommodate both children and parent schedules.  So, take a look at our Enrichment Programs and imagine how one or more matches your child's interests.  Registration Forms and Schedule can be downloaded from the Admissions Tab.

The Big Build

legos 2Towers, planes, playhouses, mazes and puzzles are just a few things children will build as they learn to problem solve, explore their creativity, socialize and improve their motor skills.  Using LEGOS, wooden blocks, Velcro blocks and even life-sized building blocks, children will have fun as they create structures that tap in to their inner engineer!

Write On

Enrichwrite03Designed to help your child improve reading
and writing readiness, this class teaches the
fundamentals of writing by using techniques to
introduce your child to pre‐writing concepts such as top, middle,
bottom, up, down, straight lines, curves lines, etc. An array of fun literacy‐related activities and games helps promote each child's success in reading.

Sports Club

The children will spend 45 minutes on the big gym
floor playing different sports. They will participate in
“classic games” such as relay races, potato sack races,
red light, green light and many more sports activities.
Everyone is a winner for trying their best and being a
team player.

Off "2" Lunch

Picture3Lunch is so much better when shared with a few new friends!  By January the Terrific Twos have found some buddies and are ready to show off their table manners as they share a meal and some chit chat with their friends.  After lunch, there are stories, songs, free play and, weather permitting, outdoor playground time.  You can choose one day a week or all five! 

Little Scientist

 Children are introduced to the world of science as they study
leaves, perform experiments with the stages of matter, use
scales, make their own beehive, plant vegetables, create a
weather station and rain gauges, make their own bouncy ball,
study tornadoes and watch a volcano erupt.

Kids Night Out

 color dKids Night Out is on scheduled Saturday nights 
from 6:00—10:00 pm. Children ages 3‐12 enjoy a fun evening 
with their friends in the big gym while parents 
enjoy a night out for themselves! The evening consists of many fun and exciting activities including 
tumbling, obstacle courses, trampoline, themed projects, hide & seek, movie time and special activity nights. Plus every night 
is a pizza party. The children enjoy pizza, drinks and ice

Spanish for 2's

spanish2Introduce your child to a new language.  Two-year olds love to learn and will have a great time as they explore the Spanish language.  Using nursery rhymes, games, dances and sing-alongs, toddlers will jump in and have a great time learning Spanish.

Cooking Class

enrichment c 400Twice a year World Cup runs special early evening 
cooking classes where children learn the 
FUNdamentals of cooking. Children learn to set the table, prepare fun, 
healthy meals that they enjoy with their friends.  Cupcake making classes are also scheduled twice a year so keep your eye out for flyers announcing the yearly schedule.

Adventures in Reading

We set the stage for reading success as
children are led in an exploration of
spoken and written language . Children
enjoy the music, sound and literature of
different cultures from around the
world. Through stories, songs and pre-reading
 activities they will develop
attention skills, enrich auditory
perception and become “active”
listeners which will prepare them for

A Recipe For Reading

recipe for readingReading aloud to young children, doing projects, and having discussions result in rich opportunities for the pre-reader. Reading good literature along with corresponding art and cooking projects enhances a child's imagination and creativity while reinforcing a love for books.  The children will have fun bringing books to life!

Stay & Play

 This fun after school program takes place in our indoor and outdoor
playgrounds. The children will have fun rolling, climbing, jumping, and
bouncing in our air castle. There will be music to move to, bubbles to catch
and a light snack to keep them nourished.

Once Upon A Rhyme

It's time to rhyme!  And, Once Upon A Rhyme focuses on developing preliteracy skills in a fun and imaginative way by integrating fairy tales, puppets, singing, rhyming, and alphabet games in order to promote letter and sound recognition and enhance auditory preception.  We facilitate reading readiness by using story sequencing and interactive techniques that encourage "active" listening and concentration as we build a foundation for success in reading.

Lunch Bunch

Children enrolled in our morning or afternoon
Nursery School programs can bring a packed lunch and enjoy eating
with their friends. After lunch, there are stories and songs, classroom
activities and weather permitting, outdoor play.

Little Gymnasts

Children enjoy 45 minutes of instructional gymnastics with our certified
gymnastics instructors on our gym floor followed by activities,
snack and story time back in the classroom.

Junior Scientist

hands-onCome explore and learn
about nature, hibernation
dinosaurs, the human body
and our solar system.
Children will use their
imagination while
participating in hands‐on
experiments and kitchen
chemistry. They will use
microscopes, magnets and
magnifying glasses and make
their own fossils, rubber
eggs, squishy balls and a

Creative Kids

creative kids 1This class is designed to inspire your little
artist’s creativity using media such as painting,
drawing, clay, watercolors, beads, collage,
sculpture and pastels. Children explore their
own creativity and delight in their

Before & After Care

Picture2Nurturing, playful and creative teachers care for your toddlers and preschoolers before and after WCNS&K programs.  There are fun games and activities to keep each child engaged and entertained.  And, weather permitting, there will be lots of outdoor playground time and snack of course!